Our Chatbot Development Services Offered

NetSet offers Chatbot Development Services which are highly sought-after in the industry, involving a bunch of dexterous Chatbot developers who aim to revolutionize business interactions, improving customer-experience to the next level.

Streamline your Business Communication with our highly-sophisticated and modern human-like virtual assistants.

Custom Chatbot Development

Get your customized bots build within a stipulated time frame from our Chatbot developers, fulfilling unique industry-specific business requirements. (Online customer support, food & delivery, healthcare, etc.)

Integration with ERP Systems

We help you with chatbot integration with ERP systems to facilitate you with data-driven products and better decision-making abilities.

Marketing Bots

Our Marketing Bots developed by our experts provide you with deep insights and analytics of customer data, optimizing marketing strategies and revenue sales.

Customized Bots

Our offshore Chatbot programmers can code and customize bots to handle any business process, syncing them perfectly to acquire enhanced customer-experience.

Facebook Bots

Our Facebook Bots are built to minimize your labor and administrative costs by enabling virtual assistants to handle and manage your Facebook accounts in a more professional and modest way.

Business Bots

We aid you to integrate bots with your mainstream business to empower decision making and conversational and self-learning abilities for better customer interactions.

There is a Bot for Everyone! Hire a Bot developer

Business Needs for a ChatBot

  • Bots offer easy to use interfaces and can also be encoded to simplify human tasks via automated actions.
  • They are programmed for a realistic and friendly customer interaction which enhances retention rate and loyalty.
  • One would never compromise with the privacy and quality standards with these supportive assistants.
  • Chatbots are easy to use, easy to build with less expenditures but more adoption rate.
  • During the operation phase, you get unmatched control on things and monitor everything with full transparency.
  • Language is no bar for Bots, they are built to communicate in numerous languages for a global business outreach.
  • They help assist customers on their favorite messaging application.
  • ChatBots improvise your digital marketing efforts and eventually yield better ROI results.
From an Idea to Your Chatbot! A Bot Developer is a Click Away

What to Expect from Our Chatbot Development Services?

Our Chatbot Development Services help you evolve your business by automating your conversational flows and internal operations in a more engaging and interactive form. Our knowledgeable professionals possess hands-on experience in building customized Chatbot solutions for our clients in diverse industries.

  • Full process transparency
  • Agile & Adaptive Development
  • Client-oriented approach
  • Swift deployment & delivery
  • Business-specific customization
Chatbot Development
  • Optimum scalability & flexibility
  • High end security
  • Highly extensive and responsive
  • Enhanced User-experience

Pick a Hiring Model of Your Choice

Get going with a Business-Friendly Model that suits you perfectly.

Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price

Our fixed price paradigm best suits customers who wish to accomplish projects with limited scope and scalability with clear, predetermined and constant requirements.

Onboarding of small-sized projects is first initiated by estimating a feasible time and budget to create an MVP which minimizes project risks before development starts. This model keeps stable pricing adhering to the predictive calculations of work, time & money.

  • Fixed Time Period

  • Clear & Specified Requirements

  • Negligible Money Risk

  • No Pre/Post Changes

Time and Material

Time and Material model is tailored for customers coming up with long-term and complex projects which involve project executions including designing, bug fixing, testing, final deployment & support/maintenance.

What sets it apart from the previous one is the freedom to apply changes and modifications more freely within a defined time interval. Work begins after taking understanding and control over the visioned scope, rather the entire project.

  • Scalable & Flexible

  • Less Clear requirements

  • Less Consistent Workflow

  • Transparency & Collaboration

Time and Material
Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team model is ideal for customers looking for a prolonged business association for executing high-end and complex projects from start to finish. Say, projects intending to use Blockchain technology may fall under this category.

It’s the most flexible and adaptable among the list of three as it offers to make unfixed business changes, in real-time, as per the ever-increasing market demands. We deploy you with full rights to choose experts as employees to handle your entire project that is worked and supported remotely.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

  • Accountability and Transparency

  • High Money Investment

  • Wide & Deep Involvement

From an Idea to Your Chatbot! A Bot Developer is a Click Away

Case Studies

No matter who we work with, Worth@Work is the business principle we follow to serve all our esteemed clients.