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We Gained Trust From Our Transformations...

  • 2011

    NetSet was born with 4 like minded tech brainiacs

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  • 2012

    NetSet Founder Gary Bhatti Awarded Emerging Young Enterprenur by Software technology park of India.

  • 2014

    NetSet Delivered 200+ Web & Mobile app and Developed Solutions and added big clients such as Kenya airways & Interswitch.

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  • 2016

    Our Quest for Global expansion begin. NetSet started looking beyond US, and started expanding business in Africa, Australia, UK & Singapore through satellite offices.

  • 2017

    NetSet built its capability in Blockchian development and developed various blockchain solutions crypto exchanges for clients in fintech.

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  • 2018

    NetSet Got ISO Certification and started preparing for CMMI level 3. At the same time NetSet Worked for many 8a Certified US companies and proved technical abilities in high technological advancements by developing Powerful Enterprise Financial Tracking for armed forces.

  • 2019

    NetSet officially incorporated in Singapore and acquired clients like RSA logistics and Singapore university of technology & Fashion Design.

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  • 2020

    NetSet became one of most trusted software delivery vendor in APAC region for NFT marketplaces and delivered more than 20 NFT marketplaces and minting engine.

  • 2021

    NetSet further strengthened its position as Web3.0 development agency across the world and delivered projects in the space deFI & Dao.

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  • 2022

    NetSet officially incorporated in London and partnered with couple of global leading companies in countries like Malaysia & Hong Kong. In Africa, NetSet reinstate its partnership with KaCyber(Transportation technology leader in Africa).

  • 2023

    In the process of setting industry standard benchmark and work culture, NetSet earned CMMI level 3 certification.

Our Business Binding Cord

There is a sturdy rope of business principles that binds us with the world. The below
highlighters outline a holistic growth paradigm.



We possess necessary experience, adequate knowledge, and required skills of working with SMEs and global leaders. Our business deeds draw us fruitful results


Vision Oriented

NetSet aligns its vision with that of the customer to turn their dreams into reality. We believe clear vision further leads to envision.


Transparent Policies

Nothing executes underhand. We are crystal clear at pricing, policies and work, keeping the unexpected at bay.


Smooth Workflows

Our tasks’ accomplishments go at ease with sorted and structured business workflows, assuring smooth project completion and timely delivery.


Committed Support

Assurance and Assistance delivered on-demand and on-time. A dedicated team is deployed to troubleshoot and fix up the loopholes.


Customer Contentment

We never drop off till Clients’ satisfaction is procured. Continuous improvement is the key to constant growth & work enhancement.

Got a project in mind? Get a free Consultation & estimate.
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Our Global Impression

Our worldwide recognition makes us stand with pride. We are appraised and applauded for the brilliant
services delivered at par.

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