Our Broad-Gauge of IT Strategy & Consulting Services

Resolve your IT issues and decline your outages with our onsite/offsite support across your IT business by leveraging the power of the newest bet technologies of today. Our workable IT strategies help you grow and run your business by optimizing cost and quality, thereby, creating new revenue streams.

Technology Consulting

Our Technology Consulting is based on requirement analysis after which we provide you with the best suited solutions for integrating platforms, frameworks and business models into your IT domain.

Risk Management

Technical experts @NetSet are highly profound in assessing, managing and controlling IT risks that pose threat to your business data and security. Robust techniques applied to prevent data loss and maintain business privacy.

Business Process Analysis

We review your business and its IT infrastructure from the scratch, including your resources, technologies, strategies, and workflows and provide feasible solutions with insights and reports.

Audits & Assessments

Our audit and assessment team helps you cut down overheads generated due to compliance issues. Our system & infrastructure audits and assessments save you from unnecessary development costs.

Security Consulting

Our hi-tech players dealing with business security perform a series of proven techniques to determine potential threats and suggest effective measures against risks posing to business security.

Forecasting Software Lifecycle

We help you manage and monitor your application’s lifecycle via investigation, interpretation, incident identification and log analysis to extend the lifetime of your IT software.This derives business gains while proactively planning for refresh.

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What to Expect from Our IT Strategy & Consulting Services?

One can rely upon our world-class IT services which are a blend of technical expertise and industries’ best practices. Our aim is to help you and your enterprise to garner the optimum benefits of the IT domain.

  • Sheer Focus on Quality
  • Measurable Value with Less Risks
  • Stipulated Time Frames
  • Certified Dedicated Resources
  • No Overheads
IT Strategy & Consulting Services
  • High Productivity and Flexibility
  • Data Quality & Integrity
  • Customized Deployment Process
  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Adaptive & Scheduled Maintenance

Our High-Tech Engineered Solutions Serving Clients Globally

Our IT Strategy & Consulting Solutions ensure effective and seamless digital transformations by applying an unbiased, apt and most logical IT strategies to fortify a business’s decision-making and enhance its digital customer experience.

Digital Transformation

Process automation, enterprise integration and workflow digitization concrete foundation for our operational capabilities and digital transformations.

Application Development

Application development to us is to render high standard and quality apps, contributing to digital innovations by keeping all technical risks at bay.

Cloud Computing

We fortify your business with market-leading security and enterprise scalability with hybrid Cloud solutions.

Optimal Cost

We share and provide the latest workable and compatible solutions for your next gen project being proactive and cost-efficient

DevOps Enablement

DevOps environment is set up for business integrity in order to drive digital innovations and transformations.

Rearchitecting & Re-engineering

NetSet’s tech masters are used to enhance project visibility & development productivity adhering to agile practices .

IT Infrastructure Upgrade

Application modernization and migration to the latest technologies and platforms revitalize software and network resources, cutting overheads.

Quality & Security

Software development processes are executed under a quality-centric environment. Our custom-made applications are built around technical know-how and high security.

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Pick a Hiring Model of Your Choice

Get going with a Business-Friendly Model that suits you perfectly.

Fixed price engagement model

Fixed Price

Our fixed price paradigm best suits customers who wish to accomplish projects with limited scope and scalability with clear, predetermined and constant requirements.

Onboarding of small-sized projects is first initiated by estimating a feasible time and budget to create an MVP which minimizes project risks before development starts. This model keeps stable pricing adhering to the predictive calculations of work, time & money.

  • Fixed Time Period

  • Clear & Specified Requirements

  • Negligible Money Risk

  • No Pre/Post Changes

Time and Material

Time and Material model is tailored for customers coming up with long-term and complex projects which involve project executions including designing, bug fixing, testing, final deployment & support/maintenance.

What sets it apart from the previous one is the freedom to apply changes and modifications more freely within a defined time interval. Work begins after taking understanding and control over the visioned scope, rather the entire project.

  • Scalable & Flexible

  • Less Clear requirements

  • Less Consistent Workflow

  • Transparency & Collaboration

Time And Material
Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team model is ideal for customers looking for a prolonged business association for executing high-end and complex projects from start to finish. Say, projects intending to use Blockchain technology may fall under this category.

It’s the most flexible and adaptable among the list of three as it offers to make unfixed business changes, in real-time, as per the ever-increasing market demands. We deploy you with full rights to choose experts as employees to handle your entire project that is worked and supported remotely.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

  • Accountability and Transparency

  • High Money Investment

  • Wide & Deep Involvement

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No matter who we work with, Worth@Work is the business principle we follow to serve all our esteemed clients.