White Label Conversational AI Platform

Drive Business Growth with an All-in-One White Label Conversational AI Platform


Boost your business by utilizing the power of a personalized white-label conversational AI software platform

It allows businesses to give a customized and easy-to-use interactive platform with valuable insights to help them make informed decisions. With the help of white label artificial intelligence solutions, one can optimize business opera tions, improve customer engagement, and always stay ahead of its competitors. stay ahead of its competitors.

Your Own Brand Platform

Get an chatbot whitelabel platform and make it your own. Your users will see your brand in everything including chat and in the backend.

Customize For Success

Our conversational AI services offer a hundred options to help you configure and make it perfect for your business and meet customers’ needs.

Easy & Quick Development

You’ll get a simple click and easy-to-use AI platform that will help you and your users to take benefit of digital skills.

Increase Your Business Sales By Offering Your Customers A 24/7 Sales Rep!

With an interactive environment, you can engage website users. Collect and qualify leads and sell them individually. You can also connect them with your client’s sales teams to increase their ROI. This conversational ai chatbot will:

  • Help in providing customers with the required information
  • Will analyze thoroughly and generate quality leads.
  • Enable sales reps to focus on other important tasks.

What is White Label Conversational AI?

White Label Conversational AI Software is a solution that lets businesses integrate conversational AI chatbots or virtual assistants to increase user engagement. Companies can offer a personalized and interactive user experience without investing in huge development. This way they can enhance customer support, automate their processes, and answer user queries. Mostly conversational AI software solutions is provided by famous companies and examples include IBM Watson, Microsoft Power Platform, AWS Lex, and many more. But the problem is only they decide the features, pricing, and functionalities, and have complete.

What A Conversational AI Chatbot Can Do For You?

A conversational AI platform can offer several benefits to businesses as well as individuals. Here are some key points:

Customer Support and Assistance:
  • Provide instant responses to customer inquiries and support 24/7.
  • Offer personalized assistance by understanding user preferences and history.
  • Handle frequently asked questions and provide relevant information.
Lead Generation and Qualification:
  • Engage website visitors and capture leads through interactive conversations.
  • Qualify leads by asking relevant questions and gathering the necessary information.
  • Provide product or service recommendations based on user preferences.
Order Placement and Tracking:
  • Allow customers to place orders directly within the chatbot interface.
  • Provide real-time order tracking updates and answer order-related queries.
  • Facilitate seamless and convenient purchasing experiences.
Appointment Scheduling and Reminders:
  • Enable users to schedule appointments or book services through the whitelabel chatbot.
  • Send reminders and notifications about upcoming appointments.
  • Allow users to reschedule or cancel appointments effortlessly.
FAQ Handling and Self-Service:
  • Answer frequently asked questions and provide instant solutions.
  • Offer self-service options, such as tracking orders or managing accounts.
  • Reduce customer support workload by addressing common queries.
Feedback Collection and Surveys:
  • Gather valuable feedback from customers through interactive conversations.
  • Conduct surveys to gather insights and measure customer satisfaction.
  • Use collected data to improve products, services, and customer experiences.
Interactive Content Delivery:
  • Share engaging and personalized content based on user preferences.
  • Deliver relevant news, updates, promotions, or product recommendations.
  • Increase user engagement and build brand loyalty.
Data Analysis and Insights:
  • Collect and analyze user data to gain insights into customer behavior.
  • Identify trends, preferences, and pain points for informed decision-making.
  • Improve marketing strategies, product development, and customer targeting.

White label ai Software is Ideal For:

Startups To Fortune Enterprises

You have all the power to manage and control chatbot whitelabel AI solution. Automate your business processes to increase the sales and productivity.

Various Consulting Companies

Enhance your customers' productivity by providing them with the latest innovations and automated solutions. Boost your earnings and profit margin.

Various Consulting Companies

Enhance your customers' productivity by providing them with the latest innovations and automated solutions. Boost your earnings and profit margin.

Software Enterprises

Provide your clients with branded conversational AI to differentiate your company's solutions.

Professional & Naive Developers

Add new functionality for your customers by incorporating conversational AI into your products.

Determining the precise duration of white label chatbot platform is extremely difficult. This depends on the application's complexity, functionality, recruitment models, and other factors. Netset Software pays close attention to customer requests in order to promptly deliver effective and innovative AI solutions.

There are several factors to consider when selecting an AI & ML company for your development and maintenance needs. These include the company’s exposure to different industries, the types of solutions they build, and the post-implementation support they provide.

The cost of developing a machine learning-based solution is not fixed. The cost of developing an ML-based solution depends on factors like consulting, data collection and preparation, infrastructure, model training and development, and regulatory and compliance. The pricing model you choose determines the cost.

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