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3 Promises While you work at NetSet Software: You work on Never before Ideas: Projects currently being worked at Netset are Highly Technical, We are looking for the passionate people those are thinking to work beyond traditional add/update/delete projects on PHP. Once you get an Idea about the Choice of our projects & our expertise, you can be sure that you work on "next BIG thing" (which even makes your great grandson proud!). . You work with Amazing People : Our selection criteria is tightly influenced from several "time tested" recruitment strategies - in use at the most successful software firms of this planet. The selection criteria is constantly evolved & will try to measure the "Merit, Teamwork Ability, Autonomous ability" of your peers with a host of "out of the box" tests (see how). So while you shape the 'neverbefore ideas' of Tomorrow's Software Industry at our place, you get to work only with 'best talent' of the market. Our focus remains YOU: SUCCESS happens to us AFTER success has happened to you. This is a philosophy imbibed by the founders of our company and is a philosophy which is deeply ingrained (after years of their experience in Serial Entrepreneurship). So, to stay successful we do something which is natural & quite simple for us : we make Success happen to YOU FIRST. Every quarter, You see us doing a great deal of things to bring : Success to YOU, quarter after quarter, without a miss.