User Interface and User Experience Design

We are experts in creating highly-functional sites with intuitive user interface designs. We help our clients create sites that capture user attention and deliver an unparalleled ease of use. Our unique wireframe design process includes a testing of usability designs to ensure that the final product and user experience will function as intended.The process starts with wireframing, which is a part of the larger practice of Information Architecture/ Interaction Design.There are a couple of things which we consider when optimizing a website or software applications user interface design for learnability:-
  • Importance: Users are far more likely to spend time learning a user interface design if it is crucial to their workflow.
  • Frequency: Despite the countless number of websites and software applications out there we tend to have a core nucleus of favorites that we revisit again and again.
  • Alternatives: The number, and quality, of alternative tools available to users also determines how long they spend learning a user interface design.
  • Simplicity: For the sake of learnability it is important to keep the default user interface design as simple as possible.

Software Applications With User Interface

This process demands close interaction between the client and Netset Software; as feedback, comments, and critiques will be discussed and implemented . Software applications are user friendly and are designed in such a way so that it may be used over networks and software applications do not require any up gradation as such.We appreciate how aesthetics influence the user experience of your product, but we also know that a truly sound user experience can only be produced through the systematic development of wireframes and interaction models. Our User Interface design enables pre-launch testing of site usability to ensure that it functions as desired. Our methods include:
  • Wireframe prototypes (blueprints).
  • Screen flow diagrams.
  • High-fidelity prototypes (using HTML /CSS).
  • Usability Reviews.
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