We worked with the entire spectrum of Microsoft Web Technologies. This allows us to suggest and build best of solutions for our clients. Aside from Web technologies such as ASP, VB, C++, PHP, etc. We have worked on the frameworks of .Net (1.1, 2.0, 3.5).Netset software work on Windows applications which provides the platform to perform specific task in minimum time and also worked on  two types of web technologies:
  • Client Side Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Java Script,VB Script,XHTML,DHTML, WML, AJAX and Flash.
  • Server Side Web Technologies: ASP, PHP, Perl, JSP,ASP.NET, Java,MySQL, SQL Server and Access.
Following are brief summaries of our experience:  

Presentation Technologies

  • Asp.Net and Asp.Net Ajax – A large number of our projects are web based and comprise of Web Technologies like Asp.Net, as well as Asp.Net Ajax. Our .NET development solution use advanced techniques such as custom controls, Http Modules, and Http Handlers and windows applications for creating pluggable architectures.
  • Silver Light and XAML – We have developed solutions for our customers which leverage Silver Light 1.0. This allows them to provide usable UI to their end-users. We have also worked on developing XAML based UI for Windows.
  • Windows Forms – A lot of our projects are either smart client based or stand alone Windows applications. We are able to create Windows  applications that follow the Windows usability guidelines. We understand the conceptual difference between a web applications and a windows applications.
  • Office UI – Our ability to learn and implement new web technologies allowed some of our clients to have cutting edge UI products from the UI standpoint. We have successfully implemented the Office Fluent UI Interface for them in their products.
  • Control Libraries – We do not believe in reinventing the wheel and thus have educated ourselves on a large number of control libraries that are available.Some of the more popular libraries we have experience are Nevron, Infragistics, Dundas, and Telerik RAD controls.
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