Today everyone wants everything customized, similarly custom solutions become equally important for creating a website which will be a unique identity for your business.We provide high quality custom solutions in custom development like Web Services, Xquery, XML, XSLT, MongoDb, SimpleDB Amazon dynamodb. Every project success is mainly based upon the process or the management followed on it and NetSet Software follow the complete process for custom development of projects. Before starting any development the developer or the client should know what they are making and how they will carry on to make that. So we provide the custom solutions to our clients by providing various documents that explains about all web services and helps the client to keep the reports of custom development process. A custom solutions gives immense flexibility and usability to its users for long run.

Custom development

In custom development we mainly follow these processes:
  • SOW(Statement of Work):-NetSet Software provide a statement of work (SOW), which is a formal document that captures and defines the work activities in web services. Detailed requirements,pricing,custom solutions are usually included in the Statement Of Work, along with standard regulatory and governance terms and conditions. We provide web services at most reasonable costs to our clients.
  • SRS(Software Requirement Specification):-NetSet Software develops a   complete Software Requirements Specification (SRS).
  •  It is an extensive explanation of custom development for a software system.
  • It is a complete description of the behavior of a system to develop new web services.
  •  It includes a  custom solutions that describe all the interactions with the users.In addition to this, the SRS also contains non-functional requirements. Non-functional requirements are requirements which impose constraints on the design or implementation.
  • Milestones:-NetSet Software provides complete milestones for each web services and every project plan which indicates how far the project has progressed. A milestone refers to a tangible product and use of milestones helps users and fans to understand the highlights of your business and custom development.
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