SaaS & PaaS

We are specialized in software development using various proprietary and open-source technologies across Web, Mobile and Desktop platforms. We are cloud computing service providers and used to store data in highly secured data center with upgraded technologies which makes data protected for the client.Our team help our customers successfully to migrate existing applications to cloud computing platforms based on their business requirements. Cloud Computing technique reduces the cost and investment of your software development business. Combining the best of Cloud  platform features with Agile methodology for software development; our team enables this transition from platform-specific to cloud-based solution seamless. This in turn has helped many businesses become flexible in their operations, provide greater control, lower operating costs and faster time to market their services and products. The following list summarizes our expertise in Cloud computing solutions:
  • Amazon EC2, S3, ESB,¬† CloudFront, Amazon Queuing Services, simpleDB.
  • Enterprise application deployment on Amazon cloud computing.
  • Windows Azure.
We ready to help organizations evaluate, plan, design, and implement a dynamically scalable, virtualized software development and testing cloud-based computing application. We have divided our Cloud computing services into SaaS & PaaS.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our Web and Mobile teams are experienced in developing SaaS applications and can enable you to achieve SaaS faster through a framework that is designed to meet complex needs of the Cloud computing architecture. Software as a Service(SaaS)has the ability to be customizable to the user.Our Cloud computing services combine the Cloud OS and Cloud Middleware layers for rapid design and software development of multi-tenant SaaS applications.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Using best practices in software development, our teams utilize the Cloud architecture to provide optimal computing solutions that helps to improve your business.PaaS is referring to application development platforms where the development tool itself is hosted in the cloud.We help to deliver the platform on the web, and in most cases you or your end-clients can consume the platform using browser.  
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