NetSet's Processess

  • The Process for any project is mainly divided as following:

  • Understanding: In the system understanding phase we will analyze the complete requirements needed for the successful completion of any project.The system understanding phase mainly contains all the documentation part for any project.

    We mainly divide this section into four parts:

  • SRS (Software Requirement Specification):
    The SRS document will contain all the requirements of the project told by you. It contains conceptual design(wireframe) and complete flow of the project, After completing the SRS documentation we will share the same document with you for the approval.

  • Milestone:
    After your approval for the SRS we will plan the complete milestone of the project that will contain the all task list and the time taken to complete the each task weekly or monthly tasks. Through the milestone document you will be able to see the complete progress of the project easily.

  • BISR:
    Bugs / Instruction / Suggestion Report will be made where you will be able to tell us the bugs that you are getting after the development, Instruction about the changes you need or the suggestions that you have for your project. This will help both of us to have the proper understanding about the project and the changes you need.

  • Daily Updates:
    Through the daily update sheet you will get the daily updates from the NetSet Software Pvt. Ltd about the project, So that you can check what is going on in the project and what has been done for that day.