WebApps – The Myth and The Mirror

Web as a term has come much ahead since its start. Websites today not only share information but support major business functions. Searching location, products; sharing and storing videos, images and documents; playing online video games; using business tools etc have all been integrated into web. All these services are a part of great domain of web apps.

But the question comes why we need to move from Native apps to Web apps. Web apps are similar to mobile apps the only difference is that these apps are run on web browser instead of indigenous mobile operating system and thus provide a much better user experience. Web apps have following advantages over mobile apps:

  1. These can be accessed any time anywhere based on internet connectivity.
  2. These apps are not dependent on mobile operating systems and thus can be handled with ease on all devices.
  3. There is no need to update these apps. Web apps are accessed directly thus the app automatically gets updated every time you access it.
  4. As web apps are not installed on device they are comparatively safer as the web app does not interfere with device code.
  5. Easy to code easy to launch, as web apps do not need app store listing they can be made as per developer requirement and all modification and updating do not need long and trying process of app store approval.

Well the world of web apps is very lucrative but when it comes to reality these benefits come at a cost. Web apps are light and do not support complex features. Let`s discuss some points that limit the scope of web apps:

  1. As web apps run on web they need internet connection and may not be a good option for a segment of target market that has data usage concern.
  2. Web apps do provide us good features like auto update etc but this makes the app slow and limits its functions.
  3. Web apps are made compatible with all the browsers and they might get stuck when browser gets updated.
  4. The app stores provide better search availability of apps thus target users might not be able to discover the web app as they are not listed in any app store.
  5. Along with this app stores also follow strict security protocols for payments and personal information, thus ensuring same security features and building user confidence is tough.

Web apps hold a very promising scope for ease of development and accessibility for apps that answer to the need of quick availability, faster update and internet compatibility. Our team at NetSet is fully equipped with years of experience in exceeding client expectations in developing all type of webapps. Being one of the top IT companies in India we have excel at developing apps for organizational management to individual use, catering all type of requirements like  banking, healthcare, hospitality, event management, etc. If you are looking for efficiency of your organization please drop in a message or email your requirement on direct@netsetsoftware.com.