Fundraising Then and Now

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ICO is the hawk gliding quickly in fund raising industry as it creates liquid cash and equity growth without giving in any equity. Today ICO is replacing the traditional methods of fund raising like Bank loans and IPO`s. With ICO millions of dollars have been raised during the token sale in just a single day. The advent of ICO`s has been lead by blockchain application development, where smart contracts are used to validate an authenticate the transactions. Using open source software’s, to design your own currency, with real base value and making exchanges with investors; it is how businesses raise millions of dollars.

The main reason why investors are interested in buying crypto currencies is during the initial coin offering are at a lower cost. When the ICO hits the marketplace and the product prospects are positive, then there is a positive speculation leading to rise in crypto currency value. Bitcoin was for one dollar in 2011 and now it has crossed 4000 dollars. This implies that a digital asset for the investors is created in exchange of cash money or fiat money. This digital asset has a value which is assigned by consensus of people in the business. This value depends upon the project one puts money in; it is other factors to take under consideration as well that define the value of a crypto currency.

How is ICO replacing Traditional crowd funding platforms?

      • Fast method of fund raising – Bank loans and IPO`s are very time consuming and involve a lot of bureaucracy.

      • Best suited for risky ventures – It is better way of raising funds for risky ventures as banks and IPO`s may not give weight age to the modern ideas and may shrug away.

      • It minimises the risk of fund misuse – The blockchain development based database in ICO`s is managed on a distributed ledger and thus all the transactions are mutually updated in the blockchain making the fund use more transparent.

      • Huge ROI – Yes, quick profits interests investors. Not only bitcoin and Ether, many upcoming crypto currencies make huge profits.

      • Liquid Cash – As compared to traditional ways of crowdfunding ICO are much quicker when it comes to having funds in hand which further helps to elicit profits.

      • More Secure – It is far more secured as compared to its previous versions. There are research groups who analyse ICOs to make them more secure and compliant.

      • Digital asset – Unlike equity based IPO Shares, Crypto currencies can be transferred without additional cost of involving a 3rd party.

      • Universal acceptance – Crypto currencies are universally accepted and can be converted in all currencies and can be used to sell and buy goods and services across border.

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Meetings the Challenges of Supply Chain

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The concern of every transport company is to effectively coordinate and manage its current capacity. The everyday problem encountered by the companies is that transport vehicles have varied size and space. On the other side the size and quantity of the goods are changing. The compelling nature of this business makes the management very tedious, and allocation of resource in real time is near impossible without a systemized Logistics Management system.

Being one of the best Mobile app development company, NetSet Software is familiar with challenges while managing the transport industry clients. The solution to such high-impact problems can be a simple mobile app. We have come out with a problem solving interface where the same mobile app collects the varying data and integrating analytics to deliver real time stats.

The mobile apps developed for such industry have multiple integrations for all the stake holders. The integrated embedded analytics and role based dashboards can give all the participants desired transportation metrics. For example, the dispatcher has the option to select the size, weight of the package or location of the package and various other metrics. The request goes to the pickup drivers near the location who can select the order based on their routes. The dispatcher is kept updated alongside with the information.

While the driver and dispatcher interaction is going on, the administrator can analyze the real time data and broadcast the total capacity of the resources available. A custom software development services provider ensures that the system should be able to deliver multiple analytics metrics that benefits the strategic plan. The systems are modeled to measure and accomplish few of the following basic KPI’s:

  • Current capacity, orders, routes and stops
  • Driver records
  • Carrier performance and feedback rating
  • Reliability and sustainability
  • Special events tracking
  • Carrier movement and commitment
  • Record of quotes on requests

Mostly, users have a very basic need of managing the current necessity and real time decision making goals. But in today’s dynamic environment companies want to forecast the need. They not only want to strategically plan today but keep a plan of rest of the year at hand so that prospects and risks could be met before hand. As a responsible CRM Development Services provider NetSet Software’s team strategically aligned the database to log the data of end users for client retention along with special incident records, orders, delivery dates etc in the format that delivers the required analytic reports.

On the other side, the new business models monitor the transportation metrics and log the data on similar KPI’s. The entire data can together be analyzed accordingly and forecasts can be propagated.

How is this solution better than other?

  • Customized reports
  • Shipment history or forecasts
  • Business opportunity mapping
  • Quick view of user-intended metrics
  • Tracking and recording of repeat and special events
  • Consistent view of transportation data facilitating better measurement and control
  • Gap analysis between intended and actual outputs, in terms of delivery time, feedback, revenue etc.

Today, the providers of custom software solutions in India understand the need of the transport companies which is not defined to road or rail transport, the domain is now widened to shipping and airways. Even domestic delivery and dispatch is more reliant on fast movement services like Airways. The legacy systems have to be accommodating enough to integrate the modern means of transport. The information of flights have to be integrated in mobile apps with monitoring the movement of transport to updating the information in the real time data.

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Five imperative features of a Restaurant App

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The restaurant business has unfolded and matured the way it uses technology now. Restaurant mobile apps were there in older times but never raised enough users to use them. Now the apps are more comprehensive for the users. This idea has brought a stir in the industry and now many start ups as well as established restaurants and food chains are adopting it. However owners must ensure that custom software development services providers add these few attractive features in the app to incite the users. We are illustrating some of the must have in the restaurant app:

1) Order from anywhere:

To have customers view the menu anywhere and raise order at all screens gives quick retention. A good ecommerce website design ensures that the app moves fast for both customer and restaurant as it saves a lot of time. With this feature people can order from wherever they want and can make payments online as well without going to multiple screens.

2) Quick repeat order for customer delight:

The customers must have the privilege to repeat the order that they have ordered before through the app. There should be a list of orders available that have been ordered before through the app. This might be customer’s favourite dish, that one can find it in the list and reorder, which saves the hassle of going through the menu and making choices. This again makes it easier for users who frequently order the same dish and saves a lot of time for them.

3) Payment flexibility

E-wallets feature is available in almost all the apps now days; this makes payments much easier and convenient. This feature saves time for both the parties as after making online payments users can have order delivered wherever they want. Getting cash, change or waiting at cash counter is another issue that is resolved with this feature.

4) Client retention with rewards and notifications:

In today`s tough competition CRM Development Services providers understand that it is very important for every business to retain its clientele.  One of the options can be setting reward programs and special discounts for the users of the app, this will keep your clients engaged. Even sending notifications based on placing orders, special offers, and delivery tracking all help in gaining customer loyalty. Branding loyalty is affordable than promoting brand itself. This is one reason premium brands concentrate on rewarding their most loyal customers.

5) Make a reservation

Good Restaurants often face the problem overcrowding, as good as it sounds it may sometime become embarrassing that you are not able to cater your most loyal customers. The app must have the options to book a slot for arrival.

TIP : Do not make taking appointment too hectic, it should be possible within 1-2 clicks with only 2-3 questions.

These are some of the features that will make an app more interactive and meet real business challenges. NetSet software being the premium providers of software product development in India have helped the Hotels, Restaurants and Food chains worldwide in achieving customer retention by providing digital solutions. To know more drop us a line on


How to build a best featured app

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The first phase of product definition begins with planning the pre-requisites and extracting information from user feedback. While defining the product it is important for providers of custom software development services to understand the client requirements and define its features and functions which will further shape up the other phase of mobile development application. The product should define a set of solutions to the problems that the app intends to solve.

There are some tips that can help App the development process:

1) Analysis

The first step is to analyse the key parameters like trends, competition, technology and customers. These factors form the major ingredients of the product development and before commencing the project and there should be a clear knowledge of these aspects. Analysis to the root becomes more important in case of e commerce website design as the back end must be planned well in advance for giving better user experience to end user while ensuring smooth working of product, price, ratings and other features.

2) Illustrate the purpose

  • Why are you building the app and what problems does it solve?
  • Which customer segment you want to target?
  • What is the USP?

Your app must be able to answer these questions. The product must define the solution in a comprehensive manner and how it can overcome the challenge from competitors.

3) Choosing features and functions

It is important to know what and how you want to build an application to be able to add features and functions to it. These features should be solving problems. Analyse the user habits, check out the unique features competition has and how it makes app use easy.

TIP: A successful app takes end user through minimum screens to achieve their main purpose.

4) Define Benchmark

It is done to decide the success of the mobile development. A software product development company that one chooses for development must have the idea on how to analyse success of app. The app success depends on the basis of how well the features and functions perform to solve the whole purpose of the mobile app development.

5)  Arrange the features

For successful mobile app development, it is highly important to prioritise the requirements of the app so that one can align the features and the functions accordingly. Defining features at very initial stage this helps in preventing roadblocks as the most vital features are completed first and rest follows.  Most of the apps made today are meant to target the public and CRM development services developers must keep the app scalable to changing demands and flexible around end user.

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Custom Software Development @NETSET Software India

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Custom software is an IT Solution developed to meet the most imminent requirements of a business. The soul of custom built software is its flexibility and scalability with respect to the current and future requirements. The best way to develop complete standard custom software is by initiating it from wire framing. Complete wire framing ensures that all the prospects and complete scope of the requirement is understood and planned in advance, making do it right the first time.  Thus we are always focused on providing customization within minimum budgets and time.

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At NETSET we try to deliver the quality product along with the fulfillment of needs and desires of client. We respect the thoughts of client. Here in our organization we believe to deliver the projects on time. We try to do the programming part in secure and valid coding standards. Here we customize the software according to the need of end-user. We try to keep the accessibility as simple as possible. Our experienced developers and project managers ponder about the quick and easy way to solve the purpose of the software or mobile application. We try to get the best output from all the members.

We assign the customization of the software according to the skill-set of the developers; it helps to increase the efficiency and utility of product whether it is Software solution or the mobile application on all possible coding languages. We use latest technologies and server platforms to design, develop and test the product. We have team experienced QA team which has expertise in protection from injection flaws, security miss-configuration, sensitive data security, session anti-hacks, CSRF etc.

Our aim is to design the custom software in a way that both buyer and the user will get complete satisfaction after using it. For custom software development our team continuously polishes their personal skills as well. We share the innovative ideas with client if they want to add something creative in their product. We have implement our custom software’s in financial institutions, logistics companies, manufacturing industry, banks, hospitals, restaurants, educational institutes etc.

We design the software’s by keeping in mind, when and where it would be used and most important who will use it. Our team of business analysts looks into the problems of our clients and delivers the best possible solutions. Thus our custom software not only make the data collection easy but also help in generating most flexible reports that assist in data driven based business decisions.