Why travellers need Mobile apps ?

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The new generation of travellers have conventionally adopted mobile apps when they plan their travelling budget and other activities, mobile apps amenity has abolished usage of websites as with mobile phones everything is just so accessible at any time of  the day or night on the fingertips.

Businesses worldwide are captivated with the technology enhancements which add dazzling experience for the end user. Similarly, Travel and tourism industry has seen an extraordinary response from travellers through mobile app development and cloud computing service providers.

Why Travel Mobile App?

The major reason why to have a mobile app is that today travellers prefer organising their budgets and itinerary well in advance.  Moreover, the younger generation spends maximum time on their smart phones and rely on them for many reasons. It is more flexible and accessible to the users all around the world. A good software product development company ensures that using the app makes it much easy for you to plan your trip and keep check in and check outs on your fingertips.

Benefits of Developing Travel Mobile Apps

1) Ticket Bookings

Mobile apps are meant to assist you throughout your journey. The first thing you need to start a trip is to book the tickets which can be in the forms of bus, train and air.  If you have an app that can provide you with all the alternatives there is no need to hustle over company websites. Put the dates of trip and number of people and a click would give you the all the details for booking the tickets

2) Payments made easy

The best Mobile app development company understands the need of special payment methods are integrated in the systems to receive payments for tickets and other reservation you make. It is necessary that one uses trustworthy apps where no personal information is leaked.

3) Packages

Mobile apps makes browsing travel agencies at one place and get best holiday packages by filtering them for you in one go. One can get the details of the packages and have a look at the tour itinerary to get the idea of the entire tour.

4) Guiding your trip

If one wants to explore places without buying packages then a travel app guides you in your journey. It has details of the tourist spots and other interesting areas. The maps are embedded in the app to guide you or find a particular place on the map near you.

5) Get along

With emerging mobile app development, it has become necessary to adopt travel apps otherwise your business is old and stagnant which is a heavy blow in travel and tourism industry. To avoid chances of failure of the business one has tag along with trending technologies to be updated with the needs of travellers to make promising travelling adventure.

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Top 10 ways for enriching user experience

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Developing a mobile application is to concentrate on making the users to stay on the application for a longer period of time and generating profitable revenue. The best Mobile app development company understands that in this encroaching age of development industry all business systems use mobile apps as a method of client retention and brand building.

Bottom line : It is found that more than 90% of the users prefer to uninstall an application in less than two months time and never return.

Thus it becomes inescapable to improve the process and quality of mobile app development, hence improving the user experience which keeps the app interesting.

Following are the ways in which user experience can be made impelling:

1) Know your audience

Before developing an app the developers must consider their audience, the marketplace, educational levels and culture of the targeted audience. The most important thing is to connect with the audience.

2) Comprehensive design

The first communication with the app is user registration which should be clear and understandable. User should be able to move smoothly through the application. CRM Development Services providers must focus should be on major functionalities while ensuring a comprehensive interface.

3) Enhancing application backend

For an exponential success, it should be supported by a backend. At every level of developing an application the process of interaction with user is strengthened by backend. It also helps in handling the app crashes, which could drive away user if not taken care of.

4) Best testing solutions

After testing phase the app should be bug free. Best testing methodologies, both automated and manual should be applied to eliminate maximum number of errors in this phase.

 5) Integrating Ads

The ads in your application are the best way for generating revenue but these external ads should not interfere with user interface.

6) Iterative Design

From interface to how back end operations work, the design of an app should be iterative. A software product development company understand that his means versions of app should be available, people should be curious to upgrade the app to new versions which would be more comprehensive in design as compared to previous design.

7) Scalability across various devices

The objective of designing a scalable app is to be able to customize the apps for various operating systems. A custom software development company understands that making apps that supports all the device sizes and ensures seamless user enriches user experience.

8) Support business apps

The business groups and organisations can spend money in return to business support system. This would generate revenue, provided there is a customer support system.

 9) Importance of User data

During iterative app development user feedback should be considered extremely important. There should be a clear understanding of the faulty areas where the design can be improved and the areas which user found useful and helpful.

10) Sell great than over flatter

Under the app description there should be a perfect balance of positive outline and no over promising on your product. One must deliver what one promises otherwise customers won’t slide away without thrashing negative posts and reviews.

NetSet being the premium providers of software product development in India ensures that the mobile apps are enticing and makes the users stick. Designing user-friendly mobile apps requires invoking careful thought process because so many different aspects of planning stage. To reach out to a larger number of clientele and growing your business drop us a line on direct@netsetsoftware.com.

Blockchain meets Supplychain

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Supply chain has old business models and old technology that does not meet today’s production and management parameters. These systems have become more scattered and complicated. This makes supply chain a chaotic and fraudulent process which has become excruciating to handle. By integrating blockchain with supply chain we can reclaim the visibility and efficiency. Supply chain is getting revolutionised with the infusion of blockchain and with it system is getting more transparent and assuring better management of goods and services as they move along the timeline.

Current supply chain issues that hamper Bottom Line

  • No dependable methods to validate the authenticity of products from different locations.
  • Difficult to Track events and trace any incidents.
  • Zero transparency across entire chain.
  • Unfair cost of production of goods and services.
  • No ownership and accountability of wrongful actions.

 Blockchain can end the flaws of conventional supply chain system

Blockchain is a decentralised distributed ledger which has all the records of data stored as blocks and are shared publicly. As per our study from a leading website that updates and analyses supply chain related challenges, blockchain based supply chain solutions can cater to most of the challenges.  Every block of transaction that is added to the chain and is time stamped; it is also tamper proof which makes it more secure.

The two primary characteristics of blockchain that makes it ideal for supply chain are:

1) Decentralized ledger:

The distributed ledger technology enables to trace the accountability and ownership of the various events occurring at various levels of transition. Blockchain is a peer to peer network where everyone maintains their own copy of ledger and could verify the authenticity of goods and services. This network is more transparent and accessible for everyone. Blockchain development companies assist professionals to share information online and be accountable of that information.

2) Multiple copies

All the transactions are recorded in the ledger form and everyone on the network maintains their own copy of ledger which is time stamped, also updated every second. CRM Development Services integration with network ensure that the data there is immutable and is tamper proof. Identifying problems is also easy as blocks of information forms a chain of time stamped transactions. This makes error management and accountability of wrongful acts much easier.

Advantages of using blockchain in supplychain

Supplychain is entirely based on transactional data which is shared at various levels of travelling goods and services. It is maintained by a number of authorities so it becomes erroneous and inefficient. Blockchain offers great benefits throughout.

1) Improved Transparency

Keeping records of the transactions from origin to destination and in between touchpoints will encourage more trust and authenticity, hence making the network more transparent.

2) Increased Scalability

On a blockchain network there can be any number of participants viewing and sharing information on a secure and reliable platform.

3) Enhance Security

It is immutable data sharing network, where the information is tamper proof and is time stamped.  Further more Blockchain Wallet Development and integration with payments systems will assist in transaction cost free, faster and secure payments 

4) Modern Opportunities

There are upcoming new advancements of blockchain which will result in disruption in businesses. A custom software development company can use the blockchian integration with blockchain solution to provide fast and reliable solutions.

At NetSet Software we are adopting blockchain business development model which is disrupting the old business models. We are ready with our proof of concept using blockchain integrated Supply chain model.  For more information contact us on direct@netsetsoftware.com.

Defining Mobile app performance optimisation

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In the belligerent industry of ever growing mobile technology, the apps come a long way and helps us in communicating and managing work and life in so many ways. For a mobile app development company, performance optimisation has narrowed down the gap between the user needs and mobile app offerings. Today’s era has made it difficult for developers to create top best selling app, so there is a need of performance optimisation. By optimisation it means, developers must identify the pain points across the app and this could enrich the customer experience.

Why performance optimization is essential

  • Lofty expectations of mobile users in context of performance and speed. There is good chance that users can uninstall apps if they have issues regarding the same.

  • Geo centric network speed of mobile networks is becoming an issue at some places; apps need optimization to suit them according to the network speed.

  • There is a pool of apps available if one app does not work as per the user requirements it is uninstalled for a new one.

  • Vice versa if the app performs impressively it is shared and adopted by other users on the network. Users can review and rate these applications in the app store, hence making sure the app is optimal.

How to optimise overall performance of a mobile app

1) Impressive user interface

The user interface of a mobile UI/UX Design of the app should be dynamic and the user should easily bind to it. Bad UI can make the user experience unpleasant. An app should have a graphic appeal as well as a smooth hovering and hoping experience while browsing through the app.

2) Network stability

Users can have a preference to implement a network according to the bandwidth available on that network. They could use 4G/LTE or 2G depending on the bandwidth available.

3) Crash Monitoring

It is so crucial to monitor and analyze crashes so that as soon as a crash occurs there is an alternative code available instantly. There are profiling tools available that can monitor crashes and can help bind users to the app.

4) Testing

Using QA and Testing services for Mobile app is a must before a successful launch of an app. In fact this should be done consistently and testing is one phase that has to keep ensuring various parameters after deployment and during maintenance as well. For example load testing, security and network problems.

5) Saleability across various devices

The app needs to adapt to different sizes of screens of the devices that users switch to like from mobile to phone pads. The app needs to adapt well with the various operating systems and provide similar functionalities across these devices.

NetSet Software is the best custom software development company that takes care of all the aspects of mobile app optimisation. Our team has extensive experience in developing mobile app on best platforms and leading technologies. To get in touch with us drop us a line on direct@netsetsoftware.com.

Custom Software Development @NETSET Software India

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Custom software is an IT Solution developed to meet the most imminent requirements of a business. The soul of custom built software is its flexibility and scalability with respect to the current and future requirements. The best way to develop complete standard custom software is by initiating it from wire framing. Complete wire framing ensures that all the prospects and complete scope of the requirement is understood and planned in advance, making do it right the first time.  Thus we are always focused on providing customization within minimum budgets and time.

custom-software-development - NetSet Software

At NETSET we try to deliver the quality product along with the fulfillment of needs and desires of client. We respect the thoughts of client. Here in our organization we believe to deliver the projects on time. We try to do the programming part in secure and valid coding standards. Here we customize the software according to the need of end-user. We try to keep the accessibility as simple as possible. Our experienced developers and project managers ponder about the quick and easy way to solve the purpose of the software or mobile application. We try to get the best output from all the members.

We assign the customization of the software according to the skill-set of the developers; it helps to increase the efficiency and utility of product whether it is Software solution or the mobile application on all possible coding languages. We use latest technologies and server platforms to design, develop and test the product. We have team experienced QA team which has expertise in protection from injection flaws, security miss-configuration, sensitive data security, session anti-hacks, CSRF etc.

Our aim is to design the custom software in a way that both buyer and the user will get complete satisfaction after using it. For custom software development our team continuously polishes their personal skills as well. We share the innovative ideas with client if they want to add something creative in their product. We have implement our custom software’s in financial institutions, logistics companies, manufacturing industry, banks, hospitals, restaurants, educational institutes etc.

We design the software’s by keeping in mind, when and where it would be used and most important who will use it. Our team of business analysts looks into the problems of our clients and delivers the best possible solutions. Thus our custom software not only make the data collection easy but also help in generating most flexible reports that assist in data driven based business decisions.