Beacons – Renovating Client engagement

What is it?

Beacons are new age helping hand for society. Let us talk about them in details. Beacons send the push notifications to the customers nearby. Predominantly it is a hardware device, which can be easily placed on wall or any corner. That hardware can locate the customer around the store and send small alerts in the form of messages to them about the discounts available and new stuffs as well.  There are so many other uses as well, we will discuss it later on. Beacon can be called as detector also.

How they work?

They transmit the notes in the radius of 50-70m only. They work on Bluetooth Low Energy, core functionality of which is depend upon the chip of low bandwidth present in customer’s smart phones. A beacon broadcasts the signal which is noticed by smart device and when they got connected beacon start delivering valuable messages. It is a sort of LAN working for public interests. Rather than that Beacons provide a facility to update your needs & availability so that beacon could fetch the best places to fulfill those needs and wishes.

Where they can work?

Beacons can work for most of the departments such as it may work as detector, a guide and a helper as well. Let us sum all of them with proper Examples:

  • Beacon as a Marketing Executive

Beacon can detect the customers for the retail store and then lead to increased sales.. This delivers branding as well as direct sales. For example a prospect enters a mall and the beacon detects the presence of the device and a message is sent to him so that he can get to know the special offers running in the store. Stores can use these messages to catch attention, engage client and induce store visit and sale.

  • Beacon for Better customer Services and Satisfaction.

Beacon can help engage even uncertain prospects. For example a prospect that is not from the locality, stops in to check the eating places in town. So when he approaches close to your store he will get a notification from the beacon about the update you want to send. A beacon can also detect a client approaching towards your store to pick an order and thus increase your efficiency.

The beacon technology holds a promising future and its inception will revolutionize the client engagement techniques. As the beacon technology continues to grow the scope of application is widening and being the best IT support services provider companies in India, We at NetSet are ready to take up the technological challenges and are committed to support our clients in adopting this disruptive technology.


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